Интендант 1 ранга
Wein, Weiber, Waffen
Headquarters, Dept. of the Gulf, New Orleans, December 5th 1862​
General G. Beauregard

General: this note will be handed you by your relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Proctor, who go to meet you under a pass from me. They will inform you of the dangerous and, it is feared, soon to be fatal illness of your wife. You have every sympathy with your affliction.

If you wish to visit Mrs. Beauregard, this will be a safeguard, pass, and protection to come to New Orleans and return. All officers and soldiers of the United States will respect this pass. I have the honor to be

Your obt. Servant
Benj. F. Butler, Maj Gen Commdg​

"Зверь" Батлер тоже умел играть в благородство. Впрочем, лучше это его как-то не делает.

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